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Emergency Dentist Beverly Hills CA

When an emergency strikes, you don’t want to have to search for an emergency dentist in Beverly Hills while you’re in pain. You’ll be much better off by finding an emergency dentist you can rely on now, rather than when an urgent dental issue appears. Of course, not all dentists are created equal. Some cater to dental emergencies better than others, which could make the difference between saving your tooth and needing expensive treatments later. Here are five traits to look for as you begin your search.


Distance from Your Home/Work

The sooner you are able to get to your dentist following an emergency, the better. If a dentist you’re learning more about is too far away, getting to them quickly isn’t going to be ideal, especially in the event of a knocked-out tooth where time is of the essence.

It’s also worth considering how far the dental office is from your workplace or your child’s school. Having that added flexibility can make or break the outcome of you or your loved one’s smile.

Turnaround Time

While dentists will for the most part treat a dental emergency if you visit them, not all of them can necessarily guarantee an appointment with you as soon as you call. Instead, you’ll likely be asked to visit the next day when they are available.

By choosing an office that specifically offers same-day emergency appointments, you’re more likely to get seen earlier. These offices tend to have an operatory (essentially a dental chair setup) dedicated for emergencies exclusively.

Office Hours

Whether it’s for treating a dental emergency or completing routine checkups, it’s hardly worth visiting a dentist if you can’t get to them when they are open. Check how many days a week they are able to see you as well as their hours of operation. Offices that are open five days a week are relatively common, but not always guaranteed.

In-House Dental Services/Amenities

Some dental practices are better equipped to handle dental emergencies than others because of the services and technologies they offer. For example, same-day crown technology enables you to get a restoration in a single appointment, something that you won’t see at just any dental office.

Additionally, some places will provide not just one form of sedation dentistry, but several depending on your needs. Services like these can make your visit far more comfortable, especially if you struggle to visit the dentist already due to anxiety.

Ease of Scheduling and Follow-Ups

Some practices give you the option to request appointments through dedicated widgets on their website. On top of that, you can specify whether your needs are urgent so you get to speak with a professional sooner. It helps to call the practice directly and see how they also handle follow-up visits, a common protocol when treating dental emergencies.

Stay proactive and have a practice you can call just in case a dental emergency appears!

About the Author

Dr. Kboudi offers same-day emergency appointments, sedation dentistry for those with dental anxiety, same-day crown technology, and so much more at Beverly Hills Complete Dentistry. No matter what your dental emergency may be, he holds the training and real-world expertise necessary to get you out of pain fast. To schedule an appointment, you can contact him through his website.

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